Dynamons 4

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Welcome to Dynamons 4

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Dynamons 4. You need to set up powerful teams of unique pets and join the dynamons battles in this game.

The Pokemon series inspire this fun game, so you can see many magical pets called Dynamonds. Each dynamon will have a different element strength. There isn't the strongest dynamon in this game. The dynamics with various elements can defeat together. You have to face many opponents who always own very strong pets. If you can beat them, you will get a lot of great loot. Many journeys are waiting for you. Don't forget to try Musical Numbers with the BuffyCats if you love animals.

Some steps to be the most talented Dynamons captain

Dynamons 4 provides a lot of opponents who also want to be the strongest captain. Therefore, battling with them can't be avoided. Now, let's explore some ways to become more powerful and beat any enemies.

Build up a powerful team

In this game, you won't join the battle directly. Your dynamons team will do it. So, to enter any fight, you must have a potential team. In the beginning, you are allowed to choose one of three available dynamons. After that, you must capture the wild dynamons on the way. Let's use your pet to attack these wild animals until they are weak. Then, use the captured items to catch them. It's better to collect wild animals with new elements. After winning each battle, your dynamons level will increase or you can use sharks to level up.

Fight any opponents who stand on the way in Dynamons 4

Different foes will appear in your adventure, so let's show off your power. In the fight, if one pet is attacked much, you can use another animal to continue the battles. Don't forget to click the tricks on the screen to attack or recover. When your dynamons level up, some attack cards will be unlocked.