Beat Shooter

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Relax with music

Making the great rhythm in Beat Shooter! You need to click on the correct keys to complete a song. Don't miss too many rhythms in this game!
You have a chance to listen to many trendy songs in this game. Your mission is to make the songs better by pressing the keys. These keys will fall down from the top of the screen. You must click on them before they disappear.

Play the Beat Shooter game

The target on the screen will help you define the keys accurately. You need to click the left mouse buttons and drag it on the falling keys. If you miss many keys, you will fail. The keys' speed will be faster to increase the game's difficulty. When you can click all keys accurately, you will get three stars after finishing the song

The songs you play

The list of songs are the famous songs in the world. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant rythm of Unity, Astronomia, Monody and so on. Three first songs are available, but you must unlock the others. You will get some music notes while playing a song. Let's use them to open more songs.

Game control

Just click and hold the left mouse button. Then, drag the mouse on the falling keys. There is another game also has simple control like that which is Crazy Egg Catch.