Penguin Fishing

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Help a penguin catch fish in Penguin Fishing

Penguin Fishing is a fun game where a penguin will catch fish with bait or a net instead of hunting. let's catch as many fish as possible before time's up.

The basic rules in Penguin Fishing

You can see an adorable penguin that is standing on a ship. He catches the worthy fish, then he changes the fish into coins. Be careful of the octopus because they can spray ink on the penguin and escape. Therefore, it's better to avoid these octopuses. Moreover, sharks are very dangerous. So, your penguin won't capture fish when a shark swims across. You may see some mysterious boxes transported by many jellyfish. You can get these boxes to get some rewards such as coins, clocks, and so on. Sometimes, there is waste in these boxes.

Two ways to capture fish in the Penguin Fishing game

In this game, you can select one of two methods to catch fish. You can use the bait and fishing rod to fish in bait mode. You only can get one fish for each throw. Just click on the fish you want to catch. You can capture a lot of fish at once when using the net in net mode. Although the two modes have different features, the time is always limited in each mode. You only have a short time to get as many fish as possible.

Some things you don't know about Penguin Fishing

  • You can search for the kinds of fish in the fish dictionary of the game. They are very interesting for children to understand more about the fish.
  • You can get a lot of coins and defeat your record by yourself or challenge your friends. Let's see who will have more coins! You may like playing more games instead of one game. Pacman and Tiny Fishing are always here.