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What is Pacman and how does it work?

Pacman is a yellow circle that moves around to get the dots in a complex maze. Be careful of the ghosts in the maze because they can eat your Pacman.

This game has a retro style and classic gameplay, so you can experience the game in the past. Your mission is to collect the dots in the maze to complete a stage. However, you have to face four ghosts in this game. They will chase your character as soon as they see it. If your character is caught, it will lose one life. When three lives run out, you will replay this game. Besides this game, I want to introduce Bartender The Right Mix to you. You will become a skillful bartender in that game.

Tutorial in Pacman

You can easily understand the rules of this game. Just remember to collect the dots and fruits in this game. From that, you can conquer this game.

Control the character

You can press the arrow keys to move the Pacman. Avoid the bar and don't hit the wall! The ghosts may chase you from many directions, so you need to navigate the character cleverly. Dodging the enemies and consuming the dots at the same time isn't easy.

Beat the ghosts

You also have a chance to eat the enemies. The big dots can disable the foes. At that time, you are able to defeat them. However, they can't be destroyed forever because they will appear in their base again. You should know that the big dots' advantage only lasts for a short time.


Can I play Pacman on multiple Alexa devices?

Yes, you can play this game online on Alexa devices.

Where can I play Pacman games for free?

You can enjoy this game directly on my website without installing it.

How to control the character?

Just use the arrow keys to control.