Battle Chess

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Play a special game of chess

Battle Chess is a stickman and puzzle game. You will move your stickmen to beat your enemies. You make sure your stickman is stronger than your opponent.

You will see stick people placed on the chessboard with white blocks. Your army can be one, two, or three stickmen. You will control your army skillfully. Avoid knocking down your stickmen. Every single hero is very important in this battle. Therefore, you need to ensure their safety.

Defeat enemies to pass the Battle Chess level

It won't be easy to win. You have to have smart strategies. You need to know your opponent's moves and their numbers. Don't forget to enjoy MeMe World which can bring fun memes to you.

Increase the numbers

You will see that each warrior has a unique number. This number can increase when you combine two warriors together. The larger the number, the greater the warrior's strength. Your warrior can beat opponents with the same number if you actively attack.

Know the moves

You need to know the rules of the stick people's movement in this game. If you swipe the mouse, all the stick people will move in your desired direction. They will move to the end of the chessboard. Of course, you will also move the enemy troops. Therefore, you need to be very careful.