Run Kaiju Run

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Run Kaiju Run is a fun running game. Avoiding obstacles is necessary to keep your character alive. Buying some items from a shop is very useful for you.

Control the character dodge collision

Run Kaiju Run is about a run of a familiar character that is Among Us. This character is running on a road with tons of deadly traps and he needs your help. Steering around the column and collecting the eggs is what you have to do. The main pairs of columns are connected together with rope. They will stand in your way. You can dodge them. If you can avoid them, you can go up. Just press the up arrow to jump over. Then, you are able to use the left and right characters to move left or right.

Reach the Run Kaiju Run destination

At the end of each way, there are some statues. That is the place where you need to come to. Don't forget to collect eggs along the road. Then, let's use these eggs to purchase some items such as head start, extra life and egg magnet. They can support you a lot in your run. Of course, you must have enough eggs to buy them. With simple control and fun gameplay, this game is for everyone, even children. Hope you will like this fun game!