Parking Blocks

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Experience parking cars in Parking Blocks

You will drive your car out of the car parking in the Parking Blocks game. You need to move the vehicles standing in your way first. Can you complete the task?

Look at your car. It's a small orange car that gets stuck in the parking lot. There are many other vehicles with different lengths in front of the car. You will solve puzzles about the position to move your car out. In real life, moving the car out of the parking lot is also a problem, right? Now, you can try it in this online game.

How to pass the levels in Parking Blocks

You will get some stars after finishing a level. The maximum number of stars you get in one level is three stars. If you can drive the car with a few movements, you can get the max stars. You can see the standard number of movements on the screen.

Look at the situation

Each level will offer different challenges. The other vehicles' positions also change at each level. There are more vehicles in the parking lot when you reach the higher levels. You should be calm and observe the positions. You need to predict what happens if you move a vehicle. The game has unlimited time, so you can think carefully.

Move the vehicles and your car

You will click the left mouse button and move it to navigate the car. All the vehicles only can move forward or backward which makes the game more difficult.

What you'll find when playing Parking Blocks

  • The graphics are very impressive and cute, so any children can enjoy it. This is a puzzle game, thus players can practice their brains.
  • Many levels are waiting for you to complete. Can you pass all levels with the maximum stars? After completing all levels, you can visit Stabfish.io to continue your fun.