Papa Scooperia

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Become a great chef

Get customers' orders and make the best food in Papa Scooperia. You can get some cash from clients and use this cash to buy some upgrades for your restaurant.

Recipe to make great food in Papa Scooperia

Drag the scooper through the dough slowly to form a dough ball. Try to match the speed off the meter on the bin. If your customer wants Chocolate Chips mixed into their cookie dough. Click the bin with chocolate chips.

Switch to the Bake Station to start baking the cookie. Drag the cookie dough into the oven to start baking. Wait for the cookie to bake. The cookie is finished when the green bar reaches the white line on the meter. Then, drag the finished cookie onto a plate. Click the green finish button to send the cookie to the build station.

It's time to make a cookie sundae. If your customer wants Vanilla Ice Cream, click the Vanila bin. You need to scoop the ice cream by hand! Drag the cooper slowly and try to match the speed of the meter around the rim. Drag the scooper over the sundae and try to drop the ice cream centered over the cookie. When your customer wants Strawberry Syrup, drag the bottle over the sundae to start pouring. Move the bottle to pour even. If your customer wants a Waffle Cone on top of their sundae. Drag a Waffle Cone above the sundae, and try to drop it centered on the ice cream scoop!

Finally, Drag this order's ticket onto the ticket holder to deliver it!

Get more cash with better food

If you can meet the customer's demand, they will pay you a lot of money in this Papa Scooperia game. Remember to don't miss any ingredients in the dish! One more thing, you must endure the cookies aren't overbaked. Let's make your restaurant more famous. You also can open many other restaurants in Idle Restaurant.