Idle Restaurant

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Operate restaurants

You will own a small restaurant in the Idle Restaurant. Your final target is to grow your restaurant into the biggest in the area. Are you a talented manager?

In the beginning, your restaurant has a small scale because it only has one chef. When you get more XP, you can hire chefs and upgrade your menu items to generate as many coins per minute as possible. Food will be delivered to diners via a high-end conveyor belt. Therefore, you just sit back and relax. You also can unlock more restaurants as you level up, but you only can manage one restaurant at the same time.

Some steps to develop your restaurants in Idle Restaurant

Chef upgrading

Upgrade chefs to get chef stars. The more Chef Stars, the more expensive foods they make.

Unlocking with XP

Each food delivered gets you XP, and new chefs and restaurants can be unblocked at certain levels.

Restaurants upgrading

Upgrade each restaurant to increase its speed, capacity, and princes.


The Critic eats a lot of food quickly. The Golden Plate makes all the food worth 2x for 30 seconds. Active them to get more coins.

Some restaurants in Idle Restaurant

The Vegan House: Enter this restaurant to enjoy a broad selection of veggies, soups, and other dishes that fit the healthy lifestyle.

Burger Wonderland: Nothing beats the classic! return to the 80s at this restaurant and taste the best of the fast food scene

Masala Kitchen: The most vibrant and colorful restaurant is Masala Kitchen. Breathe in the marvelous mixture of spices all round you.

Rigoletto: This is the Italillian sanctuary for food lovers! Taste the delicious pizza, pasta, and finish it off with heavenly gelato.

The Spice Factory: This isn't for the faint of heart! Enjoy tasty meals but be sure to keep a cool beverage nearby.

Lucky Dragon: Come to this restaurant to enjoy Japanese food. The taste of wonderful sushi and noodles are brought to your table.