Om Nom Run

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Run on a dangerous road

Get the thrilling feeling when you control Om Nom in Om Nom Run. Be careful of many deadly obstacles on the road. Avoid them properly or lose the game.

The background of this game is a busy road with many different dangers. Many vehicles are moving on the road. You even can see many construction areas and barriers on your way. Om Nom - your character must overcome all of them. Of course, running on a busy road isn't recommended in real life because you only have one life. Om Nom can live again when you start the game. No pain, no gain! You can help Om Nom run as far as possible. Another character needs your help in Monsters Up.

Tutorial Om Nom Run

Jump or slide over the objects

Each object will have different shapes and heights. If the objects are too high, you can slide over them. Your fingers must be quick and proper. Don't jump too soon or too late. On the way, don't forget to collect more coins and items.

Change character and upgrade stunts

You can use coins to buy new characters and upgrades for the character's stunt. Of course, the new characters are very expensive. You may play for a long time to save enough coins. However, you can get a huge number of coins when you sign in 5 days.

Game control

  • Up arrow for jumping
  • Down arrow for sliding
  • Left and right arrow to move left and right.