Monsters Up

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Escape from the deep valley

Monsters Up give you an important mission that requires you to save a monster. You will help the monster jump on the platforms to reach the top position.

Have you ever seen a valley with the two walls of the valley stand upright? Now, you can see it in this game. It's very hard to climb up. Therefore, the monster needs your help. This endless game will challenge your limit. How many scores can you get in this game?

Jump on the platforms in Monsters Up

The monster can't fly, so it will utilize the platforms to lift it up. There are many wood logs or rocks that will appear from two sides. Jump on them to be higher. If you don't jump up, these logs and bars even can crush your character. This game is more difficult when you have to keep balance the character. You must guarantee the character jumps in the middle of the objects. Otherwise, the monster will fall down. You will move to new stages and backgrounds when you grab stars in the air. To jump up, you just need to click the left mouse button. With the cute character, this game will keep you on for hours. Come and try it now!