Ninja Mouse

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Ninja Mouse turns you into a skillful ninja and you have to move from one platform to another platform. Be careful of the space between the platforms.

Become a mouse ninja in this game

You will see a familiar character is a mouse, Jerry. Tom and Jerry is a famous cartoon around the world. Now, the cute Jerry has become a cool ninja. It wants to escape from the enemies and you will help it. To escape, you have to control this ninja to jump and jump. The space can gulp the mouse.

Jump properly in Ninja Mouse

To become a pro ninja, you have to have estimating skills. You will estimate the distance between the platforms, then you need to adjust the force to jump. You may fall into space if you jump too far or too short. The escape road is endless so you must reach as far as possible. Then, you can get the highest skills. The key to success is to avoid the traps and not fall.

How to control the Ninja mouse

You just need to click the left mouse button to jump. The red arrow shows the direction of the mouse's movement. The end of the arrow will be the position where the mouse reaches. In case you want to experience more challenges, you can try Eggy Car. You will transport a fragile egg in that game.