Eggy Car

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Eggy Car challenges your finesse by driving a car to transport an egg. Keep an eye on the egg not wearing a seat belt. It can fall and break at any time.

Eggy Car unblocked

The glad news is you can play Eggy Car unblocked on our website anywhere. With light graphics, this game won't lag even if you enjoy it on a weak device. Moreover, the cartoon graphics are for everyone who loves Eggy Car top speed.

How to play Eggy Car

You just need to press the right arrow to move forward. To move backward, just press the left arrow. You can tilt the car to keep the egg balanced, so you should drive the car slowly. Specifically, you should reduce your speed when you move to the slopes and unfair paths. Don't let the egg fall down because it can break immediately.

Change the car

There are 54 cars in the shop and you need to unlock four cars with coins. Collect coins along the road and receive the reward daily to have enough coins for a new car.

Game music setting

You are able to turn on or off the game music and effect sound on the screen by pressing the buttons on the screen.

Eggy Car world record

This game is endless, so try your best to get the Eggy Car world record. You must move the farthest distance in the world to gain this title. Don't wait anymore! Many challenges are waiting for you.