My Halloween Park

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Develop a park to scare people

My Halloween Park turns you into a witch who will manage a spooky park. With the ability to create ghosts, you will take advantage of it to make a lot of money.

This game is inspired by Halloween. Typical Halloween items such as pumpkins, ghosts, etc. will appear in this game. However, it is not a horror game. Lovely cartoon graphics will not make you afraid of the characters in this game. Build a spooky park that will help you make a lot of money. Customers will spend money to be threatened.

Your job in My Halloween Park

As an owner of this gloomy park, you need to make tireless efforts to develop it. In case you love a thrilling game, Shell Shockers Bad Egg is here for you.

Start establishing the park

When you first start, your park only has a small haunted house. You will lead ghosts from another location into this house. Next, customers will enter this house and be scared. They will leave money before leaving. Stop spending money on building more haunted houses and keep putting ghosts in them.

Expand park area

When you have a lot of money, buy more land to open more haunted houses. Additionally, you can even unlock a new area like the forest. Naturally, when your park expands, you will also earn more money.


As the number of haunted houses increases, hire new employees. They will help you guide the ghosts into the right location. What's more, you can hire someone to impersonate a masked murderer. He will scare the guests wandering around the park. Of course, this also helps you make money.