My Farm Life

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Enjoy a relaxing time in My Farm Life

My Farm Life is an idle game that turns you into a farmer. You can harvest plants and products on this farm. Moreover, you need to expand your farm.

There are tons of online games but this game is a must-try idle game. You are a hard-working farmer and you have many things to do on this farm. Controlling the stickman to move around the farm and harvest products. Then, you need to solve these products to earn coins. With many coins, you can expand your farm's area. If you love the puzzle game, you can't skip House of Hazards.

The game rules in My Farm Life

Your final target is to earn as many coins as possible. Selling the products of the farm is the best way to get coins.

Grow plants and animals

The farm has many plots of land used to grow plants. First, you need to plant the first seeds to grow young plants. After that, you need to water the plants so that these plants can grow and bear fruit. Finally, you use the scythe to harvest fruit. Each type of farm product is sold in different stores. You need to move continuously on the farm.

Expand your farm area

The coins can be used to buy new land. If you have more land, you can grow more plants and animals. Then, you can earn more coins when selling these products. However, when the farm area is expanded, it takes more time to walk around the farm.