House of Hazards

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Some outstanding information about this game

House of Hazards is a challenging game where you have to overcome many traps in a house. Other competitors always want to escape from this house first.

This is a fun game with unique gameplay. The graphics with fun characters are suitable for even children. You and the other players are trapped in a strange house. You have to escape this house by completing some given mission. Of course, there are many challenges when you try to finish the task. The objects in this house can be dangerous traps and you have to avoid them. The winner is the player who can drive the car out of the house first. Before, the winner has to defeat other competitors and complete all tasks as quickly as possible. There are many other fun games on this site such as Tiny Fishing where you can catch the most expensive fish under the sea.

How to win in House of Hazards

This game is loved by many players because of its difficulty. You can compete with other players worldwide, so you won’t feel lonely. Can beat other opponents to be the final winner?

Complete missions quickly

The house owner gives you some special missions such as brushing your teeth, watering plants, grabbing mail, etc. Therefore, you have to move around the house to do this work. However, there are many traps designed on the way. In this game, some furniture also can lead to danger. You have to observe and avoid all objects which can be harmful to your character. Of course, you can get used to all traps after some tries.

Prevent opponent finish missions

When one player starts his or her turn, you and the other players can control the traps in the house. You can see the right corner of the screen to know who controls which traps. If you can control the trap, let's estimate the time to trap the opponents. Each time the players are hit, they will lose their turn. Moreover, the closer a person is to the goal, the higher the punishment rate. After each round, the punishment wheel chooses a random player to punish. Of course, they won't accept the punishment if they can spin in the safe zone.

Game control: Use the arrow keys to move the character and press them to activate the traps in the house.