Mr and Mrs Santa Christmas Adventure

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Prepare for the next Christmas in this game

Mr and Mrs Santa Christmas Adventure is a fun, entertaining game. You will be the one to help Santa who had an accident with his sleigh. Have fun!

Christmas has come and Father Christmas has gone to deliver gifts to children through the chimney. However, something unfortunate happened when Santa's sleigh collided with a tall pine tree. Santa Claus and his reindeer were both injured. In addition, his sled was also seriously damaged. He needs your help to repair things and treat him and his reindeer.

Help Mr. and Mrs. Santa in this game

There will be many steps for you to complete your task. First, you will treat the injured reindeer, fix the sleigh and save Santa Claus. At the end, you will help Santa Claus choose an outfit.

Heal the reindeer and Santa Claus

You will use the provided items to help the reindeer and Santa treat their wounds. First, you need to clean the wound, then apply medicine to the wound. The game will provide guidance arrows that help you know what to do next. After you have treated the victims' wounds, don't forget to help them decorate them with scarves or costumes.

Fix the sled

The red sleigh crashed into the pine tree, leaving it broken and dirty. You need to clean the front of the sled first, then sew up any torn areas on the sled. Finally, use the tools provided to repair the cracks on the car. You may like some fun games such as Pokedoku that is a puzzle game.