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Guess the pokemons in this game

The famous word game and the famous Pokemon cartoon inspire Pokedoku. Instead of guessing the letters, you will have to guess the names of the Pokemon.

Game rules

You will see 9 cells on a grid and your task is to fill in these cells. Each box will be the name of a pokemon, so you need a deep understanding of the characters in the Pokemon cartoon. You will see that the edges of the grid contain suggested text. They are the characteristics of pokemon. To accurately fill a cell, you need to observe these characteristics in both horizontal and vertical rows. For example, the pokemon that has fire and fighting attributes is Pignite.

9 opportunities every day

Unlike games like Suika Game, you will only have 9 guesses in a day. You cannot restart the game if you use all 9. So, you can just return to the game the next day. That's why you should think carefully and not randomly fill in the blanks. Naturally, the puzzles will change the next day.

Challenge your knowledge about Pokemon

The game will be quite difficult for those who do not know about pets in Pokemon. It challenges your memory as well as your understanding of pokemon. You need to know their characteristics and their names. When you type the pokemon's name, suggestions will appear. When you can find and choose the most suitable name. These suggestions will help you avoid misspellings when typing.