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Ready to ride on a bike in the mad road

MotoX3M allows you to do some crazy stunts on the road. You must reach the finish line to level up. Be careful of many many deadly traps on the road.

In this game, the road is designed with many special traps which have different mechanics. Your mission is to overcome them to come to the destination. Don't bump your head unless you want to end the game. You can enjoy many hard levels in this game. They always contain new challenges at each level. Prepare a steel mind to sometimes ride your bike into the air. In case you don't like the riding game, you can try Doki Run.

Learn the rules in MotoX3M

This game has very easy gameplay. You will pass over all obstacles on the road to keep your rider safe. You only advance the level if you touch the finish line.

Move forwards continuously

Although there are many moving huge saws, some levers that can leverage your character high, you keep moving forward. You only stop when there is a stop sign. If you stop at an incorrect time, you may restart the game. Don't forget to keep the character balanced when moving.

Reach the finish as quickly as possible

The game isn't limited, but it affects the stars you get. After completing each level, you will receive a maximum of three stars. You only collect three stars if you finish the level in a short time.


  • Use the up and down arrows to move forward and backward.
  • Press the left and right arrows to tilt the bike.