Doki Run

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Description of Doki Run

You will encounter the Doki character in the Doki Run game. He is running and you need to help him jump over tons of gaps. Let's collect enough items!

The white dog wants to collect some objects to give to his friends. He needs to join a long-distance trip. The items he needs will appear one after another on the road. The game is more difficult because there are many gaps on the road. If your character gets stuck into one of these gaps, the game will end. Of course, you have to restart that stage. With cartoon style, this game does not contain violent pictures. Therefore, all players of all ages can enjoy this game.

Ways to pass many stages in the Doki Run game

This game challenges players in various stages. Each stage will have a different background and items. Of course, the later stages are always more challenging than the first stages.

Jump over the gaps

These traps will appear continuously on the road, so you need to look at the incoming gaps. Just click the left mouse button to jump over. You need to jump in time to avoid falling into space.

Choose the suitable mode

Before entering the run trip, you will select the mode first. There are three modes: easy, normal, and difficult. You should practice with easy mode first, then you can join the normal mode. When you conquer two modes, you can test your skills with the difficult mode. After that, you can visit Relic Runway where you will join an endless adventure.