Death Dungeon Survivor

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Become a mighty warrior in this game

Death Dungeon Survivor is an addictive game. You possess extraordinary power to destroy waves of monsters in this exciting game. You fight alone, so be brave!

Choose the hero first

There will be many character options for you. Each character will have a unique strength such as magic, sword skills, etc. The first character will be available while the next characters will need money to unlock. There are characters you need to achieve a certain goal to unlock. You can view the stats of these characters to choose the right character.

Endless game

You will not go to a new round like Om Nom Bounce. You can only keep moving until your character runs out of HP. The more monsters you kill, the stronger your character will become.

Survive as long as possible in Death Dungeon Survivor

You will be alone and face endless monsters. You will probably be surprised because the retro graphics are quite classic. The gameplay is simple but extremely attractive in this game.

Equip with many skills

More and more powerful monsters appeared. Your skills also need to be improved to face them. Choose for yourself equipment such as swords, whips, etc. From there, you can add many other skills to your character. These skills will help your character survive in this scary world.

Pick up gems and chests

Blue and red gems will drop from destroyed monsters. You can collect them to level up your character. As you level up, you can upgrade some of your skills or weapons. You can choose one of three upgrades or choose all skills if you watch the ads. In addition, wooden chests from strong monsters will contain some useful items and gold coins.