Monster Mirror

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Find the difference

Two pictures are offered in the Monster Mirror game. To unlock new pictures, you must find out enough differences between the two pictures. Good luck!

The game has many different pictures and each level will own a unique picture. These pics are about many cute monsters. You will point out the differences between the two of them. The pictures seem as same as each other, but there are many separate details. Only sharp eyes can see them. In case you love thrilling game, you should try Cars Demolition Derby.

Get all differences before time's up

The game is more challenging than Big Chicken because of the limited timer. Always follow your time bar at the bottom of the screen! If you click on the wrong details, you will lose time quickly. Therefore, make sure you know the difference then click the left mouse button. The level selections will allow you to choose your pics. However, some pictures only open when you get enough differences. I'm sure this game can challenge your skill and test your sharp eyes. In this game, you even are able to reset your data or turn on, or off the game music.