Cars Demolition Derby

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Fasten your seat belt and speed up

You will join the F1 race in Cars Demolition Derby. Many opponents will challenge you in the race. Let's get first place and show off your skill.

The road is made from cardboard but it brings a thrilling experience to players. You will against three other cars. You must complete enough laps before your opponents can do it. The roads are designed with many bends and obstacles. Your fingers must be quick. Don't get stuck at the barriers because it's a waste of your time.

Drive the racing car in Cars Demolition Derby

You will use the left or right arrows to turn left or right. Sometimes, it's very hard to define what direction you should turn. At the time, let's observe carefully and turn slowly to know the direction first. Remember to collect all coins and energy on the road. You can boost your car's speed by pressing on the energy symbol. Of course, you must have energy first.

Upgrade your cars in the garage

Cars Demolition Derby allows you to use coins to upgrade the car's features such as top speed, endurance, acceleration, nitro, and shocks. One more thing, you even can buy new vehicles if you complete some tasks.