Papa's Sushiria

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Delicious sushi awaits you in Papa's Sushiria game. The main dish in this game is fresh sushi from Japan. Still like other versions, you will become a chef.

Cooking games always have a strange attraction. You will experience the addictive gameplay as in Tiny Fishing. This peaceful gameplay is also the main attraction of cooking games. Thousands of cooking games are released every year. One of the famous cooking series is Papa's Game. This is a series about other restaurants with different cuisines. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this series Papa's Sushiria was created. This dish is a traditional Japanese dish. Are you ready for a new restaurant?

How to play Papa's Sushiria

Steps to make sushi

Drag bin of rice onto a Sushi Square rice cooker. Wait until the rice is half-way done (where the green arrow marker is pointing on the meter. Drag the bottle of Vinegar onto rice cooker to add Vinegar to the rice. Wait for the rice to finish. Drag a roll of Nori or Soy Paper onto the bambo mat to spread it out for an order. Your roll will appear on the counter of the build station. If you see this icon on a ticket, it means the custoer wants their roll inside out, with the rice on the outsite. Click the pruple flip button before starting the order. Drag a fillin onto the unolled sushi to start adding it. You'll automatically grab a handful of each item. After you place your first piece, keep clicking on the sushi to place the rest of the pieces as well. Try to space the filling evenly from front to back. After you add all off the filling ordered, press the green roll button to roll the sushi. Drag sroppable topping just like you do for fillings. Drag shakers and sauce bottles above the sushi roll, and realease to start pouring tat item onto the top of the sushi. The final steps will be completed by yourself.

Make tea in Papa's Sushiria

Each customer will order a Bubble Tea with their meal. How to make tea? You add milk to the cup and wait for meter to be centered on the star. Then, press the green button. Choose the flavor of tea, then press the pour button again when the meter is centered. Choose the flavor of bubbles that the customer ordered. You also can be guide the special steps in the beggining. At the end, drag the order ticket onto ticket holder on the right to finish the order.