Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Keep your wall safe

The chicken army is attacking your region in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. It's time to merge the weak weapons to create better cannons against the chickens.

In this game, there are many cute chickens, but they are very angry. They want to dominate your kingdom. You need to power up your cannons against the invasion of chickens. The numbers of chickens are very crowded and they also are more and more strong. Therefore you need many powerful cannons in this game. Don't forget to enjoy the Stack game with simple control.

How to protect your kingdom in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

You built a wall to prevent the chickens. However, this wall can only suffer damage. So, you need to put the cannons on the wall to combine the offensive and defensive.

Merge the cannons

Each cannon has a level. The low-level cannon just cause a little damage while the high-level can easily kill the enemies. To make a better cannon, you need to merge the identical cannons. It means that you only are available to combine two same-level cannons.

Buy upgrades

You can upgrade your guns and your defense wall. In the shop of this game, you can increase the cannon damage with coins. Moreover, you can get cannon damage, decrease price and increase profit in the shop. Don't forget to power up your wall because the chicken sometimes can access your wall. So increasing the wall HP and endurance is very important.

Two ways to get cannon

In Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense, you can get the cannons from two main sources. The first one is from the random boxes. These boxes will appear after every second. However, these boxes always contain low-level cannons. Therefore, you can use the second way to own high-level cannons. You can buy these cannons with coins. Of course, you must have many coins to purchase a lot of powerful cannons.