MeMe World

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Discover many different memes

MeMe World provides many memes with unique characters. It's an adventure game and you have to accompany these fun characters. Let's reach the flag!

This game's main color is gray. Your character has a troll face. You also even see the moon or sun has fun faces. This game is a great combination of puzzle and adventure games. You must solve some puzzle to complete the mission. Be careful with some dangers.

How to pass Meme World levels

There are many levels and they will be harder and harder. Of course, through these levels, you can improve your skills.

Reach the end

You can see a flag at the end of the road. Reaching this flag will help you pass the level. At some levels, you need to complete some steps to make the flag appear. Therefore, sometimes, you need to think carefully.

Look at the notice

At each level, there is a warning or notice on the screen. They will provide some useful information to you. For example, the notice says, "into the cloud, " meaning some objects are in the cloud. They may be the dangerous.

Game control

In this game, you will use the left and right arrows to move the character forward or backward. Press the up arrow to jump over in Meme World. This simple control is the same as in Feed Me.