Feed Me

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The hunt of the carnivorous flower

You will help a carnivorous flower move and find the food in Feed Me. Its food has many insects around it. Besides, you have to face a lot of dangers.

Do you know how predatory carnivorous flowers are? In fact, these dangerous flowers wait for their prey to get caught and catch them. However, your carnivorous flower will actively move and hunt like a carnivore. Interestingly, right. This game will not be idle like Spacebar Clicker, it requires some skill from you.

Reach the Feed Me destination

To complete a level, you just go through an exit door which is the end of the road. Look at the timer because it's limited. You will lose if you can't reach the finish line when time's up.

Consume food

As I mentioned, the food is insect but you also need to be aware of some potential dangers. Now, I will list some potentially dangerous food. They are spiders, woodlice, bees, caterpillars, tomatoes, and melons. The safe food for your carnivorous flower is flies, bugs, hoppers, butterflies, and snails. Moreover, you also can see some items such as sprinklers which can help you get more bonus points.

Avoid the deadly trap

The carnivorous flower isn't the most powerful plant in this game. It also can be hurt by the rose spikes. You need to stay away from these sharp thorns. Don't forget to look at the energy to know how much energy you have left.

Game control

  • The plant head will try to stretch to where you click the left mouse button
  • Click and hold your mouse on the floor to pull the pot along.
  • You can click and hold on to the ceiling to pull yourself up.