Magic Cat Academy

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The plot of this game

Magic Cat Academy is a fun fighting game where you will help a magical cat defeat ghosts. You need agile hands to conquer this challenging game.

In this game, there is a magic academy for adorable animal characters. The main character in this game is a black cat and it has magic. Ghosts appear and they want to invade the academy. They devastated the academy and attacked the apprentice's students. The cat decided to take down the dangerous ghosts in the academy. Now, let's come to Poptropica to have a lot of fun!

How to defeat ghosts in Magic Cat Academy

The cat knows magic, but defeating ghosts is not easy. You just need to use the mouse to use magic. You must defeat the ghosts before they can touch you. Each ghost will have symbols above their heads. You just need to try to draw the symbols on the ghosts' heads to destroy them. Over a period of time, you will have to face some very strong bosses. They cannot be defeated in a few moves. Can you defeat the ghost to save the academy? This game is designed with simple gameplay and fun graphics. So, children can also experience this fun game during their break time. You can play this game on both tablet or smartphone because it can run on the browser.