Mad Cat

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Play a unique online game

You will turn into a cat in Mad Cat. This cat is mad because it wants to destroy all objects in the apartment. Do it in silence and don't let the owner know.

Naughty cats always give people a headache. Instead of running and overcoming obstacles like in Mr Speedy the Cat, the cat in this game has another task. It needs to damage all the furniture in the house. However, the owner was wearing a blindfold so he couldn't see. However, if she spots this naughty cat, the game is over immediately. Stay away from the owner. If you love cats, you cannot ignore this interesting game. Substitute right

Mad Cat's Rules

This game has a very unique gameplay. I'm sure you won't find it in any other game. You will try to make all the furniture in the room broken. Now I will introduce more details about this game.

Destruction of objects

You will be taken to a regular room where there is a table and chairs, a television, and more. With a unique way of moving, control the cat to push everything into the air. Don't worry about the weight of things. As long as you push them, they will move. Of course, you need more time to push large objects.

Avoid being discovered

Although the owner cannot see the cat, it can be detected if the owner touches it. This will make you lose instantly. Please observe the owner while on duty. She can move fast and unpredictably. Always try to avoid bumping into her. Can you do this?

Eat fruits to boost speed in Mad Cat

Your cat can move very quickly when he eats fruit. These fruits will appear on the floor. The benefit of these fruits only last a short time. Therefore, you need to utilize your fast speed to break as many objects as possible.