Logic Game: Maze

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Improve your logical thinking in Logic Game: Maze

Control a green circle to reach the destination in Logic Game: Maze. However, you need to pass the roads in a complex maze first. Good luck to you!

This game isn't only for entertainment, but it is also a great method to practice brain. You have to find a way to reach the portal as quickly as possible. The maze will have many roads and corners which can confuse you. Be calm! Look at the portal to find out the best way. Can you complete the mission in the shortest time? Besides this game, you can experience Happy Filled Glass 3 which is a puzzle game, too. However, you won't draw the lines instead of controlling.

Two modes in Logic Game: Maze

In this game, you can select one of the interesting modes. The normal mode will offer you many levels with different mazes. You can see the maze while you control the circle. The more challenging mode is the special mode. You still navigate a circle, but you only see a part of the maze. You only can see the area that the circle comes to. That makes the game more difficult for all players. Each mode will have 200 levels and you need to finish them in the shortest time.

How to control

Use the mouse to move the circle. You can move anywhere you want. If you get stuck, just move back. Children will love this game because of its easy gameplay.