Happy Filled Glass 3

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Fill water into a glass

Happy Filled Glass 3 is a puzzle game where you lead the water into a glass. Some obstacles and barriers prevent you from completing the mission.

In this game, your only target is to fill the glass with water. You can see the line on the glass and the water need to touch it. From that, you can move to the next level. This is the third version of Happy Filled Glass, so the puzzles are more challenging to solve.

Steps to fill the water in Happy Filled Glass 3

The water pipe will discharge water when you click on it. However, this water pipe is very far from the glass. How to lead the water into it?

Draw lines

The lines will play a role as the bar to lead water. You will drag the mouse to draw these lines. However, you need to observe the situations to draw properly. If you use a few inks, you will get the maximum stars. The maximum number of stars is 3 stars.

Understand the obstacles in Happy Filled Glass 3

There are many different obstacles on the screen. They can be the pink walls that you can't draw on. The hot barrier can evaporate water quickly if the water touches them. Moreover, some bars can blow the water up. When you know these obstacles' features, you can easily pass over them.

Simple control

You just need to swipe the mouse to draw the lines. You also can enjoy another game that has simple control. That's Monster Tracks where you will turn into a pro driver. Have fun!