Lhama Clicker

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Lhama Clicker helps you reduce your stress with very simple control and gameplay. You don't need logical thinking or quick reflex in this game.

Click to create Lhama

Instead of controlling a character as in Might and Magic Armies, your final mission in the Lhama Clicker game is making as many Lhamas as possible. How to create Lhama? You just need to click on the left mouse button to make Lhama. One-click can create one or more Lhamas when you enhance your click. This is an idle game, so you can even play this game when you are busy.

Buy support items in the Lhama Clicker shop

One Lhama is one dollar. Therefore, the more Lhamas you have, the more dollars you earn. Then, you can invest your cash to get more Lhamas. For example, you can buy many automatic clicks. Then, you just need to upgrade and buy other things without clicking manually. There are many other structures that can help your creating-Lhamas process. Moreover, when you get enough certain amount of Lhamas, many interesting objects are unlocked. You can unlock hats, backgrounds, and skins. Now, let's make your Lhamas outstanding. It's time to have fun now, guys!