Might and Magic Armies

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Expand your army in Might and Magic Armies! Many other players will compete with you in this war. Therefore, you need to make a clever strategy.

How to win opponents in Might and Magic Armies

This is a multiplayer game, so you will be sent into a playground that contains other players. You and your friend have the same aim, which is to be the most powerful leader. Thus, many battles will happen here. Now, I will guide some steps to beat all foes.

Expand your army

There are many ways to collect more soldiers into your troop. You may go around and grab warrior hats that symbolize soldiers. The more worth hats are, the more powerful soldiers are. Moreover, opening the chest also provides many strong troops.

Attack the smaller armies

You can follow your troop's power through the number on the screen. You can capture the other armies which have less soldiers than yours. However, you must run away the bigger troops because they can beat you for some seconds.

Explore Might and Magic Armies selections

Many options of characters in the shop for you. Of course, these heroes aren't available. Some heroes need to be unlocked with coins or by watching ads. You also can receive new characters and other rewards in daily rewards. When you don't want to play multiplayer games anymore, Parkour Block 3D is always here for you.