Kitten Hide And Seek

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Ready to hide and seek

Help a tiny girl run over a kitten in Kitten Hide And Seek! The objects are the ideal hiding places for the girl and move the girl when the cat doesn't notice.

You will enjoy the nervous and exciting experience when playing hide and seek online. You won't follow the classic rules of hide and seek. In this game, your main target is to keep the girl safe from the cat. The small size of the girl is great to hide behind the objects such as bowls and boxes. The small girl can decorate her new house with new furniture by leveling up. Don't forget to collect coins on the road to purchase a new dress for your girl.

How to play Kitten Hide And Seek

Dodge the cat's vision

The cat's eyes will emit lasers. If your character stands or runs in these lasers, the cat will discover her. Therefore, as soon as the cat appears, it's better to hide behind the objects. When the lasers disappear, you can continue running. After reaching the finish line, you will pass a level.

Build your house

After passing one level, you will receive one piece of furniture such as a door, a light, and so on. Let's turn an old house become a cozy house. If you like arcade games, you can try Dora Farm. You will take care of a big farm in that game.