Dora Farm

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Intro of Dora Farm

Let's become a farmer in the Dora Farm game! Grow and take care of your plant on the farm now. You can see essential things to make the plants develop.

Becoming a farmer is never easy, even in an online game. In this farm game, you will do any things to grow the plants. The game will show what a plant need. You will provide them to the plants. Don't be too slow because the plant will need some things just for seconds. After that time, they will need new things to develop.

Grow the plants through levels

Dora Farm has many levels and they will be more and more difficult. Now, let's see the ways to grow up a plant

Provide the necessary nutrients and tools

In the developing process, the plants will need some things such as fertilizer, scarecrows, water, pesticides, and so on. You need to drag them from the left of the screen to the plants in the middle of the screen. Be quick! The timer will pass very fast and the growing progress of the plants also be estimated in steps. You can follow the steps on the left corner of the screen. If you can complete enough steps before time runs out, you will pass a level.

How to control

Just click, hold, and drag the left mouse button to take the important tools into the farm.