Join Skibidi Clash 3D

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The War of Skibidi Toilets and Cameramen

You will be on the side of Cameramen in Join Skibidi Clash 3D. Your mission is to gather the caramels and destroy the approaching Skibidi Toilets.

Recently, the battle of Skibidi Toilets and Cameramen has become more and more famous. A real fight took place in this game. Your mission will be to destroy all the Skibidi Toilets before they destroy your army. There won't be much time to plan every step in detail as the cameramen will keep moving forward. Therefore, you need to react quickly to be able to avoid obstacles on the road. The real battle will take place at the end of the road. Don't worry too much because Skibidi Toilets will not have guns and you just need to gather a strong army.

Some steps to beat Skibidi Toilets in Join Skibidi Clash 3D

Although you have the ability to beat your opponent, you should not be complacent. You need to perform the following steps to be able to defeat the enemy. Besides this game, you can experience Bob The Robber 3 where you need to steal some pieces of paper.

Gather a strong army

Your army has only one warrior at the start. Then you will destroy the pedestals where the other soldiers are standing. These soldiers will join your army shortly after. Along the way, as many cameramen join your army as possible. From there, you can easily defeat the enemy.

Avoid the obstacles

The cameramen's guns can destroy some obstacles in the way. The remaining solid obstacles are difficult to destroy. Therefore, you can only control your army away from them. Otherwise, the game will end immediately.

Change skins and guns

You can collect some coins after beating the enemies. Then, you can use these coins to buy new skins or new guns. They will help your army get cooler. Besides, coins can be used to upgrade your damage and fire rate in Skibidi Clash 3D. You also can watch ads to buy upgrades and skins if you don't have enough coins.