Bob The Robber 3

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Continue the thief's adventure

Bob The Robber 3 is about a thief who breaks into a secret base. He needs to steal important documents to complete his assigned task. Don't be discovered!

A rich woman hired a thief to steal documents from a dangerous place. You will transform into that thief. You need to move very skillfully so as not to be detected by cameras or security guards. You will be captured immediately if the enemy sees you.

A Thief's Quest in Bob The Robber 3

You will search for papers in the enemy base. These sheets can be hidden anywhere. You need to find them quickly. You will get 3 stars if you can complete the mission in a short time.

Collect pieces of paper

They can be hidden in wooden crates or objects. Therefore, you need to get close and check carefully to be able to detect these papers. You need to avoid the camera to avoid detection. Please move carefully and hide in the dark to ensure the safety of the character. Each level will give a certain number of pieces of paper and you need to find them all. The faster the task completion time, the more stars you will receive.

Go through the exit door

After getting enough pieces of paper, you need to find a way out of here. The gate with the green arrows is your only way out. You need to find a way to get there. You need to solve some puzzles in order to keep moving forward. Use the equipment you have to unlock some doors. On the way, you need to face some guards. Attacking them directly is not a sensible idea. Hit them from behind. In addition, the scientists will ring the alarm when they see you. Make these scientists unconscious before they don't alert the guards.

Check the checkpoint

If you are detected, you can start the journey again from the checkpoint location. Machines with green lights are checkpoints. You just need to go into that machine to save your progress. Do you want to become a doctor instead of a thief? You can enjoy Healing Rush now!

Game control

  • Use left and right arrow to move left or right
  • Use an up and down arrow to go up or down the stairs. Press the up arrow to attack guards or scientists.