Jelly Merger 1

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Have fun with the jelly in this game

Jelly Merger 1 is an interesting and unique puzzle game. You have to merge the geometric jelly together. Then bring them under the cannon to score more points.

Simple entertainment games like Super Long Nose Dog are always loved by many players. Today, I will introduce a new exciting game. You will play with geometries made from jelly. Each bullet hitting them will bring you a certain amount. You just need to earn enough money, then you can level up.

How to make a lot of money in Jelly Merger 1

You know how much money you earn is important. You can only level up when you reach the specified amount. Make as much jelly as possible.

Merger jelly and shoot them

When you merge the jelly together, a new jelly will appear with a new shape. You should remember that only similar jelly can be combined. After you have new jelly, put them in the cannon's range. The more jelly the bullet hits, the more money you earn

Some tips to pass the level

You can take advantage of the special shape of the jelly so that the bullets hit as much jelly as possible. Furthermore, bullets can bounce on this jelly. Jelly is a combination of many different types of jelly that will bring you a lot of money. Are you ready to conquer Jelly Merger 1?