Papa's Burgeria

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Experience Papa's Burgeria game

The delicious burgers in Papa's Burgeria will appeal to any player. You are wondering what you need to do in this burger shop. Manage and make burgers!

Delicious burgers are always a great choice for busy people. Now you will become a chef specializing in making burgers. You must ensure the following 2 factors to become a good chef: agility and proper response to guests' requests. The burgers you make will be evaluated according to criteria such as order score, build score, and grill score. Can you complete your mission well or not?

Your two main quests in Papa's Burgeria

This is a cooking game, so you will become a chef. Besides cooking, you also need to manage and upgrade your shop. You need to combine the two tasks together to be able to develop your shop. Remember, customer satisfaction is a prerequisite in this game.

Become a chef

In this game, you need to bake the patties to make the filling. Take note of the maturity requested by the customer. Notice the time on the timer to flip the patties. Make sure the patties are cooked evenly on both sides. In addition, you need to follow the customer's order to add a topping for them. If you add the wrong topping or confuse the topping order, customers will give your burger a low score.

Become a manager

The restaurant has only you. Therefore, you have to do the job of a restaurant manager. To increase the good customer experience, you will have to buy more upgrades for your restaurant. Try to attract as many customers as possible.

Simple controls for everyone

Papa's Burgeria offers extremely simple controls. You just need to use the mouse to get all the work done. If you still don't understand how to play, this game will guide you from the beginning. Follow the steps to make the cake! Don't forget to share the game with your friends if you like it. For more interesting games, you can play Draw Game.