Idle Breakout

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Enjoy the idle game

You need to complete the mission of Idle Breakout to pass the level. Destroy all bricks on the screen. These bricks will become more solid at higher levels.

On the screen will appear rectangular bricks. Their numbers are many and you can see their endurance through the numbers. You can click on them to destroy them. In addition, you can also use some other tools. By all means, destroy all the bricks on the screen. The number of bricks decreases, and the amount you have will increase.

How to destroy bricks in Idle Breakout

This task is extremely simple. I think a kid can do it too. You can destroy bricks manually or automatically.

Destroy bricks manually

You will use the mouse and click on the bricks. This is the simplest way to complete your task. In the beginning, one click only reduces 1 unit. However, you can upgrade the clicks to consume more power from the brick.

Destroy bricks automatically

To be able to do this, you need to have a lot of money upfront. Then you can buy colored balls. They will bounce back and forth across the screen. When they touch the bricks, they will break the bricks. At this point, you just need to sit and watch the process.

Break the bricks quickly

You need to upgrade your clicks and the balls. You can increase the power of each of your clicks with the amount of money you have. In addition, you can upgrade some features of the balls such as speed, power and range. Don't forget to add some power-ups of Idle Breakout like cashed up (earn double the money), click frenzy (click spawn scatter balls), and so on. For more idle games, Coffee Master Idle is always here.