Coffee Master Idle

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Become the boss of a chain of beverage stores

Coffee Master Idle makes you the owner of many beverage shops. You will start building your chain of stores from a small beverage stall. Good luck!

Being a boss is not an easy thing. You will have to work extremely hard. When starting out, you even have to do everything by yourself. Once you've made enough money, hire more employees. This game is addictive for those who love idle games. If you like idle puzzle games, you can also try Jelly Merger 1.

Develop a chain of beverage shops in Coffee Master Idle

Expanding a store in the real world will be easier in this game if it is difficult. Your customers will always come and enjoy your drinks. So making money will be easier.

Investing for equipment

The necessary equipment for a coffee shop such as automatic coffee machines, tables, chairs, etc are indispensable. You have to spend a large amount of money to be able to buy them. In addition, you can also upgrade the automatic coffee machine. From there, it will make more coffee cups.


You can hire more cashiers and waiters. It will be difficult to work in all the stores at the same time. Therefore, hiring more employees is a good thing to do. You can level up your employees with the money you earn. The cost of hiring staff is also not cheap in Coffee Master Idle. Have fun!