Hippo Supermarket

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Open a supermarket in this game

Hippo Supermarket is not only an entertaining game but it is also a great way to exercise your mind. Earn money and energy to expand your supermarket.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a large supermarket? This game will satisfy your desires. What you need to do is earn money and buy necessary items for the supermarket. Your companion is a cute hippo named Jack Ma. He will manage the supermarket while you earn extra money to buy more items.

How to expand the supermarket in Hippo Market

When it first started, supermarkets had almost no items or goods. Some items are wrapped in wooden crates and you need to open them. To open these wooden crates, you need enough gold and energy. You can play another fun game in this site such as 1v1.LOL.

Merge similar objects

You will be taken to a grid where different objects are stored. When identical objects are merged together, you will get a new object. Your task is to merge objects to create designated objects. After you create the specified items, you will receive a certain number of gold coins.

Build supermarket

You just need to go to the supermarket and click on the items for which you have enough gold coins. There will be a lot of items that need to be unlocked, so you need to try to earn a lot of coins. Besides making money, you will also occasionally receive energy, gems or gold coins. You can even expand the supermarket area when you have a lot of gold coins. Expand the area as much as possible in this game.