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The addictive gameplay of 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL is an online shooting game where you have to compete with other players worldwide. Many weapons and items for you to use to get a victory.

Loot the items

You and the other players go to a special platform by plane. Keep the balance and land on the ground safe when you jump from the plane! You have no equipment or weapon at the beginning, so collecting these items is very important. The weapons and useful items can be found at random positions. Of course, the player who found the weapons first has more advantages than the others.

Shoot opponents

The final player who survives till the end is the winner. There are 10 players in a room, so you must fight 9 opponents. You can choose many ways to avoid being attacked. Hiding at a secret position is a good idea but you also can shoot opponents. It's better to knock out the enemies before they can shoot you.

Build the walls or break them

In this game, your character can create walls for a few seconds. These walls are useful because they can help your character move to a higher position or be used as shields. However, these walls aren't too solid because they can be destroyed after some attacks. With any weapon, you and your opponents can break any walls. Therefore, you should decide to build or break walls smartly.

The other information about 1v1.LOL

This shooting game provides a fun platform for any players who want to entertain or show off their shooting skills. Besides the addictive gameplay, some features make this game more attractive.

Change the skins

As I mentioned, you can't bring the weapon when starting to enter a match. You just can collect weapons on the way. However, you can change any skins as long as you have enough budget. You can become a cool boy or even Santa in this game. With diverse outfits, players of all ages can choose from. One interesting thing is these outfits can even be updated over time.

Select fun modes

Many modes with different game rules are offered in this game. They are trophy mode and practice mode. If you are a newcomer, it's better to get familiar with rules through practice mode. This practice mode has three mini-modes including free build, showdown, zombies, and aim trainer. When your skills are better, you can play trophy mode where you have to fight others to win. In this hard mode, you can choose to play in 1v1 Clash or Showdown. Hey guys, if you are bored with shooting games, Tiny Fishing is the arcade and fun game for you.