Hidden Animals

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Explore animals in the forest

Hidden Animals gives you a chance to encounter many different animals. However, you need to take them out of the hiding place first. Have fun!

This game is a great way to introduce various wild animals to children. Teachers even can use this Hidden Animals game with their students because this game is unblocked at the school. Moreover, children also can discover many new things in the Age Of War: Prehistoric which is set up in the prehistoric.

Points the hidden animals out

The forest is always dense with plants and rocks which are the ideal hiding places for animals. Now, let's use your sharp eyes to discover the animals in this game. The animal may hide in the same-color rocks or in the brush. You need to look carefully because sometimes the place and animals have the same color. Through this game, you even can practice your eyes

Follow the statics on the screen

Hidden Animals will offer a place on the screen and there is a table of statics. You will see your scores, and how many target animals. You need to be quick because the available scores will decrease if you spend much time finding animals. The available scores are 9999. I'm sure you can reach 9999 points. Have fun!