Haunt The House

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Haunt The House allows you to scare any people in the house. Turn into a soul and enter the objects! In any way, let's make the people run out of the house.

Haunt The House game

In the normal game, you always be the runner in the horror game. You always have to escape from terrible monsters or ghosts. However, Haunt The House game changes these typical rules. You will be a ghost and haunt all the people in the ancient castle. The cartoon graphics of this game are adorable. You also can see other cartoon graphics in Idle Mining Empire.

Haunt in the house

It's time to haunt the house! We begin at the stroke of midnight. Tonight will be a night of hunting! The ghost can possess objects with his soul. You just need to press the spacebar to possess any objects you come close to. Use the arrow keys to perform a spooky action. Different objects have many different spooky actions. Then, just press the spacebar again to return your ghost form. Your Atmosphere can level up by scaring people out of the house. More Atmosphere means unlocking more powerful hauntings. The aim is to scare all 30 partygoers out of the house. The haunt hours are starting now!