Idle Mining Empire

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Come to Idle Mining Empire to mine coal. You will manage a factory with many employees. If you are good at managing, you can develop your factory well.

Mine online

Do you think mining coal is easy to work? This work is never easy in real life, isn't it? However, you can mine coal under the ground with one tap in Idle Mining Empire. Even if you are busy, you still grow your factory.

How to develop Idle Mining Empire

The growth process will happen gradually. Your factory only has 3 employees at the beginning. However, when you get a lot of money, the employees in the factory will increase.

Control workers manually

First, you have to tap on the worker to work. Tap on the worker under the ground to mine coal. Tap on a worker in an elevator to move the elevator down. From that, you can transport coal to the ground. Lastly, tap on the worker to transfer the coal to our warehouse.

Hire managers

You can't manage all the workers when you can explore many new floors. Let's hire a manager to automate our process. This helps to generate passive income when you're away. To increase the managers' productivity, let them know they are doing a good job.

Buy upgrades and new shafts

To mine more coal, you should upgrade the mine shaft. Moreover, you only can explore new shafts if you get a huge amount of cash.