Bubble Queen Cat

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Pop all bubbles on the screen

Shoot the colorful bubbles to clear all other bubbles in the Bubble Queen Cat game. You only advance a level when all bubbles disappear. Good luck!

Shoot the identical bubbles

Many colorful bubbles are arranged on the playground. You will shoot another bubble into this playground. When your bubbles touch the identical bubbles on the screen, they will automatically disappear. There are some special bubbles that have huge damage. For example, you can hit a Dynamite Bubble to explore the surrounding. Besides, thunder bubbles remove random bubbles.

Rescue the cat

The cats are matching the same bubbles. You just destroy all bubbles around the cats to rescue the cats. In these levels, you only need to save all cats to proceed to the level.

Some notes when playing Bubble Queen Cat

  • You can exchange the bubbles, but you only have two selections to change.
  • Don't forget to use the support items such as rockets, bombs, and so on.
  • It's better to destroy bubbles that connect many other bubbles instead of breaking the nearest bubbles.
  • Ultilse the ray to know where the bubbles will reach. From that, you even can shoot the furthest bubbles on the screen. Have fun!
  • This game has simple control and you just need the mouse to play this fun game.