Getaway Shootout

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You must be a Getaway Shootout survivor. Many other players will compete with you in this fighting game. Can you run to the destination before them?

Select Getaway Shootout modes

You can play single or have fun with your friend in this game. Before entering any battle, you must choose Getaway Shootout mode first. There are two selections which are 1 player and 2 players. In 1 player mode, you will join the battle and fight with the other players. In 2-player mode, you still fight by yourself but your friend will be your opponent.

How to jump to the Getaway Shootout finish line

Your character will jump one by one to the destination instead of running as in Om Nom Run. To succeed, you must avoid the other attack and prevent opponents from reaching the finish point.

Grab the items on the road

The guns, ice, and blood aid will appear on the road. They have different functions which all help your race. You can use a gun to kill other opponents and require them to run at the start points.

Look at the progress

You can see a progress bar where you can see your position. This bar also shows off all the opponent's places. Don't let any racer overcome you.

How to control

Player 1

Press WE to jump left and right

Press the R to use the items, guns

Player 2

Press IO to jump left and right

Press the P key to use items and guns.