Geometry Dash

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Are you ready for an adventure in the Geometry Dash game? Thousands of obstacles and traps are lurking on the mysterious roads in this game.

The original Geometry Dash

If you are a fan of running games, you cannot ignore a masterpiece of Robtop Games. That is Geometry Dash. There have been hundreds of versions of Geometry Dash inspired by this original. Although the remakes are loved by many players, they cannot replace the original. Now we want to give you the first version of Geometry Dash. You will have the opportunity to experience fast speed in this game. Do not hesitate anymore, join this game now!

Overcome all obstacles in Geometry Dash

You will control a square on a dangerous road. You have to click the left mouse button to jump on time. Before that, you must define the distance between the square and the obstacles. From that, you can jump over the spikes. The square can change into other shapes when it slides through a portal. They can shift into UFO, robots. Each shape has a different movement. For example, the UFO must fly in the middle of the screen to avoid colliding with the spikes. When the shape changes, you also have to reflex quickly. When the color of the background changes, it means you level up in this game. You can entertain with this game, or it can improve your reflex. Don't forget to experience the idle game Tiny Fishing if you're bored this game.

Some other information about Geometry Dash

  • This game is a product of Robtop Games. You can play it on smartphones or desktops. Besides, you are able to play it on the web browser instead of installing this game
  • Children can also play this game. However, it will be difficult for children to conquer this game. Don't worry! They can practice their patience and reflex through this challenging game.
  • This game offers a full-screen mode to players. From that, players can experience the most interesting game. If you like this game, you can share it with your friends. Let's challenge your friend! Who has the higher score? That will be very fun.

Three modes in Geometry Dash online

  • Stereo Madness mode lets you play the Geometry Dash series' standard gameplay. All you need to do is jump and move.
  • Because the obstacles are adjacent to one another in a long line in Backtrack mode, you need to be supported by the pedals on the ground. You can be pushed automatically by these pedals.
  • You can also use the space pedal as a powered item to jump over barriers in the Polegist mode. However, these pedals can only be used with a mouse click.

Simple control

You can press the spacebar or click the left mouse button to jump. In addition to this game, there is another game with simple control on our website. It is a Slope Ball game. You can have a fun time when experiencing these games. Good luck to you!