Funny Shooter 2

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Experience the most exciting shooting game

Funny Shooter 2 will take you to an interesting playground where you need to destroy all the enemies in this game. They will always try to attack you.

You will become a special forces soldier and your mission is to infiltrate the enemy base. However, you are discovered, so you need to destroy the enemy to save your life. The enemy army is very large so you need to be very careful and avoid getting injured. Kill them one by one to ensure your own safety. You may also like Only Up where you can conquer the longest road.

Kill the required number of enemies in Funny Shooter 2

Each round, you need to destroy 30 enemies in their base. Alone you will fight with 30 opponents. This is possible in this game. I think you can take out any opponent with your amazing shooting skills.

Shoot one by one

Shooting multiple targets at once is not recommended. They will surround you and injure you. The movement speed of these characters is very fast. So, choose your goals one by one. That way, it will be easier for you to destroy them. However, they will gather to attack you when there are only 5 enemies left because they have already detected your presence.

Avoid attacks

Enemies will often come close to you to be able to defeat you. At this point, move away from them. Best to shoot them before they reach you. Your HP is limited so don't get hit too much. Don't forget to pick up gold coins to buy more modern weapons in the shop.

Game control

  • Use arrow keys to move the character
  • Click the left mouse button to fire
  • Click the right mouse button to
  • Use the mouse wheel to change the weapons
  • Press R to reload.